Colossians, Bonhoeffer and the church

Nijay Gupta has written a new commentary on Colossians. I haven’t read it yet, but it is recommended by Craig Keener and Ben Witherington. I am excited to read from Nijay’s blog yesterday that he appeals to Bonhoeffer frequently. This is what he says.

“The last thing I want to say about the commentary is that I appeal rather frequently to Bonhoeffer and his theological perspective. If the Colossians were acting very privatistic with their individual heads in the clouds, ignoring the life of the community and avoiding any hint of suffering, Paul told them this is absolutely not the way of Christ, the Son of God, the man from heaven, the revelation of the image of God. In a very similar way, Bonhoeffer rebuked the German church, even the confessing church, for singing chants in worship, but not being Christ-like enough to fight for dying Jews. While Bonhoeffer is most known for his interest in the Sermon on the Mount, he often appealed to Colossians in sermons and lectures precisely for its appeal to cruciformity (my word, not Bonhoeffer’s!) and rejection of isolationistic transcendence.”

For more details about the commentary, see Nijay’s blog post here.

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