Proclaiming the resurrection is to proclaim a new world

I have been thinking about what the resurrection means. It is much more than my future and how good my life will be. This is what Joel Green says in his commentary on 1 Peter (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2007), about the resurrection. (I will highlight a few things in green.)

Three interrelated motifs help to structure our understanding: (A) Resurrection signals the restoration of Israel. (B) Resurrection marks God’s vindication of the righteous who have suffered unjustly; having been condemned and made to suffer among humans, the righteous will in the resurrection be vindicated before God. (C) Resurrection marks the decisive establishment of divine justice; injustice and wickedness will not have the final word, but in the resurrection will be decisively repudiated. To proclaim the resurrection, then, is already to proclaim a new world, and to call for a “conversion of the imagination.” (p. 28)

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