Dietrich Bonhoeffer on suffering and the Christian life

Perhaps because of my cultural background and the type of churches I used to go to, I did not come across Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s works until a few years ago (maybe seven years?). But I have to say that I really like what he says. Here are two quotes I found recently from his Letters and Papers from Prison.

We must learn to regard human beings less in terms of what they do and neglect to do, and more in terms of what they suffer.

It is not a religion that makes someone a Christian, but rather sharing in God’s suffering in the worldly life. That is, “μετάνοια ,” [repentance] not thinking first of one’s own needs, questions, sins, and fears but allowing oneself to be pulled into walking the path that Jesus walks, into the messianic event, in which Isa. 53 is now being fulfilled.


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