The Gospel of the Kingdom, Pt. 2

Great post by Tim Gombis

Faith Improvised

I indicated yesterday that I’ve had a recurring conversation about the character of the gospel.  When the topic arises of the larger, broader, more robust and holistic gospel of the kingdom found in the Gospels, this question typically follows: How do I talk about that?  How do I communicate that to someone?

I suspect that this question comes from a familiarity with the far-easier-to-communicate personal transaction version of the gospel—a “gospel presentation.”

You are a sinner and stand in need of forgiveness from God.  God sent Jesus into the world to die for sinners and make forgiveness possible.  If you pray to God, asking for it, you can appropriate that forgiveness and be reconciled to God.  You now have no need to fear judgment, but have only eternal life to anticipate in the future.

This is simple, easy to remember, and easy to communicate.

This may be why we’re unsettled…

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