The Gospel of the Kingdom, Pt. 4

“But if we think from Genesis 1-2, and let our biblically-sanctified imaginations settle there for a while, we’ll get a good grip on God’s original intentions for creation. God wanted his creation to flourish and to grow and develop so that creation’s thriving would keep abounding and super-abounding. And this could only happen if creation had someone to oversee that project.” Tim Gombis

Faith Improvised

Last week I noted that the New Testament Gospels refer to “the gospel of the kingdom” and don’t contain the sort of gospel presentation with which many of us may be familiar.  We may be used to hearing about the mechanics of a personal transaction that begins with the problem of sin and separation from God, includes the provision of God in Christ of atonement, and lets us know how we can be forgiven and restored to fellowship with God.

Now, it’s one thing to acknowledge that “the gospel” in the Gospels has to do with a broader announcement of a larger reality—the arrival of God’s long-awaited restored order of creation’s flourishing with the advent of Jesus, God’s appointed ruler of that realm.  But how do we talk about that?  How do we move from talking about the gospel-as-tidy-presentation to speaking about the gospel according to the Gospels?

Beyond what…

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