The Gospel of the Kingdom, Pt. 5

“God calls a nation to embody in all aspects of their national life the rule of the Creator God over them. In their practices of justice, care for the poor, and mundane behaviors of neighborly love, they were to inhabit a way of life that recalled God’s original intentions for creation.” Tim Gombis

Faith Improvised

I wrote the other day that Christians should learn to think from and talk from Genesis 1-2 and Israel in conceiving of and talking about the gospel.  Thinking from Genesis 1-2 reminds us of God’s original intentions for humanity and for creation.  This is crucial because these shape Scripture’s depiction of what God seeks to recover in salvation.

We begin to see this in God’s relationship with Israel.  God responds to human rebellion and the inevitable loss of the knowledge of God among humanity (Gen. 3-11) by calling Abram (later, Abraham) and promising to restore all things through him and his family.

God’s commitment to Abraham eventuates in his rescue of Israel from slavery in Egypt.  God calls Israel to be the unique recipients of his love and to be the agents of his redemptive pursuit of the nations.

Israel is important in understanding “the gospel of the kingdom”…

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