The church’s ongoing task to probe the Scriptures

Recently I have reblogged some of Tim Gombis’ posts on The Gospel of the Kingdom. But I think it’s worth citing a few things that he said. Here is the first installment.

But the first notion that comes to mind is that if the gospel as it is encountered in the Gospels sounds foreign, this should provoke Christians to embark on a long-term pursuit of getting to know the Scriptures better.  We ought to seek to understand the biblical narrative as it unfolds and sets the context within which Jesus’ proclamation makes good sense.

Gaining increasing familiarity with the narrative over time helps us understand God and his intentions for creation; the relation of humanity to God, to each other, and to God’s world; the fall and how that corrupted humanity and God’s good creation; and the aims of God to reclaim his world and restore humanity to himself, to one another, and to creation.

Here is one that I really like.

The church’s ongoing task is to probe the Scriptures over time and to enter the Scripturally-rendered world so that the biblical narrative shapes our imaginations.  As this takes place over the long haul, Christians gain wisdom and discernment as how the gospel might encounter and transform various aspects of life.

To faithfully communicate the gospel of the kingdom, Christians need to be patient and diligent students of Scripture, becoming conversant over time with the Christian story so that we have the discernment to speak a life-giving word that meets the moment.

Tim Gombis’ post can be found here.

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