A real story of homelessness, addiction…and transformation

I found this on the Internet and it’s a story that we should all read to understand more about homelessness.

Resistance & Renewal

Homelessness - Grace, Truth and Transformation coverGrove Books have just published this booklet called ‘Homelessness: Grace, Truth and Transformation‘ by myself and Chris Ward.

I first met Chris at a Housing Justice seminar at the Greenbelt festival where he stood up and shared his own story of rough sleeping and addiction (see this previous post ‘The best speaker at Greenbelt 2011’). Since then we have become friends and done a number of talks together.  

The booklet weaves together my reflections on working with homeless people, along with Chris’ own powerful personal story. He writes about roots of homelessness, the reality of homelessness and his recovery from homelessness.

The following excerpt written by Chris is taken from his section ‘The reality of homelessness’:

“As Big Ben’s chimes ran out across London to indicate the start of 2003 and people celebrated with family and friends all hoping this New Year would bring happiness, health and…

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