4 Views on Historical Adam – Views 2 and 3 (Walton, Collins)

For those who are interested in this topic.

Crux Sola

We are continuing in our set of reviews of the book Four Views on the Historical Adam (Zondervan, 2013). Last time we reflected on the first view (no historical Adam), by Denis Lamoureux.

Now, we move on to views #2 and #3 by John Walton and C. John Collins. I am grouping them together here because, in the end, their positions on Adam is quite similar, though they disagree on some key issues regarding how to interpret Genesis, understand the origins of sin, and integrate scientific study.

Let’s start with John Walton. His view is labelled “Archetypal Creation View.” The title is a bit idiosyncratic and only makes sense after you read his essay. Here is Walton’s introductory statement:

In my view, Adam and Eve are historical figures –real people in a real past. Nevertheless, I am persuaded that the biblical text is more interested in them as archetypal…

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