The Fall 2013 (3.2) Issue of JSPL on Paul and the Law

For those who are interested in Pauline theology…

Crux Sola

Due the hustle and bustle of the holidays and SBL chaos, I did not have a chance to mention the excellent fall 2013 issue of Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters (edited by Mike Bird and myself). This is truly a “must-have” issue (and please let me remind you that a yearly subscription is merely $30 for US individual, $35 otherwise; $40-45 for institution):

Brian Rosner, “Written for Our Instruction: The Law as Wisdom in Paul’s Ethics” – Brian is one of my favorite Pauline interpreters, even since my early days of seminary when I read his Paul, Scripture, and Ethics as well as Understanding Paul’s Ethics. And I knew his work as editor and contributor to the New Dictionary of Biblical Theology. I have his new book Paul and the Law, and this essay is an articulation of part of his argument.

Justin Hardin, ” ‘If…

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