Our willingness to keep the door closed

I just came across the following quote concerning how our hearts can be closed to the strangers. It is a great reminder for us all. Let us reflect on it.

Our willingness to keep the door closed and our growing capacity to look the other way when confronted by poverty in the public sphere lead us to accept not only the segregation of our neighborhoods and public places, but also the segregation of our consciousness and being. When we close the door or turn away from the stranger, a door closes within us, as well. Whether by crossing the street to avoid a bag lady or a homeless person, … we endow the fragmentation and corrosion of our own spirit and being. Ultimately, continuing to close the door to the stranger rends the fabric of our own soul, as well as the society in which we seek to live.

Source: Stanley P. Saunders and Charles L. Campbell, The Word on the Street: Performing the Scriptures in the Urban Context (Eugene: Wipf and Stock, 2006), 160.

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