Paul’s Big Story

Faith Improvised

One of N. T. Wright’s most significant contributions is situating Paul (and the rest of the NT writers, for that matter) within the larger narrative framework of Scripture.

Many Western Christians read their Bibles in terms of the larger interpretive framework of “my relationship with God” — I was previously a sinner; I’m now saved; and the Bible is “about” how I can grow in my relationship with God.

This sort of assumed posture toward Scripture gets some things right, but is too individually-focused and mistakes one aspect (a vital one) of what Scripture is all about for the larger, all-encompassing story. According to Wright, in Paul and the Faithfulness of God:

One regularly hears it said, or sees it written, that the implicit story goes like this:

1. Humans are made for fellowship with God;

2. Humans sin and refuse God’s love;

3. God acts to restore humans…

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