The biggest cut in foreign aid in Australian history, according to Ben Thurley

Ben Thurley (at Micah Challenge) has written a blog post about the recent announcement of the cut in foreign aid by the Australian government. Here is an excerpt.

With due deference to the terror and tragedy of unfolding events in Sydney’s Martin Place yesterday, the Government delayed by a few hours the release of its mid-year budget update. However, when the Treasurer finally announced his plans, it was terrible news for Australia’s aid program.

On top of the $7.6 billion already ripped out of Australian aid since coming to office, the Government is planning to cut a further $3.7 billion from aid over the next four years. Despite the fact that aid represents just over 1% of the Federal Government’s budget, cuts to aid represent more than a quarter of all the budget cuts this Government has made in the 15 months since coming to office.

These cuts will take Australian aid to their lowest recorded levels and include the largest single-year cut to aid in Australian history – $1 billion or 20% taken out of the budget from this year to next.

Click here to read the entire post.

Micah Challenge has provided the following diagram to explain what the cut means.


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