Did Paul Teach Christian Evangelism? James Thompson Weighs in (Gupta)

The comments by Nijay Gupta at the bottom are really good.

Crux Sola

cap_JWTA few months ago, I eagerly started a series of review posts on James W. Thompson’s new book The Church According to Paul (Baker, 2014), but (alas) I could not keep up with posting during the holidays. So, in lieu of several posts, I am just going to touch upon what I think is one of the best contributions of his new work.

In ch. 6 (“‘Missional’ May Not Mean What You Think”), Thompson addresses the question regarding whether or not Paul taught his churches to evangelize. While Paul does not mention teaching evangelism in his letters, some scholars have tried to make the case that he would have instructed believers about this. Thompson does a good job surveying the scholarship on this issue and recognizes the meagre amount of textual material in Paul that might address this issue.

In the end, he takes a kind of via media approach, acknowledging…

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