Galatians and Christian Theology – A Feast of Readings! (Gupta)

Crux Sola

GCTGalatians and Christian Theology is the latest volume in a series of proceedings from the St. Andrews (Scotland) conference on Scripture and Christian theology (Baker, 2014; ed. M Elliott, SJ Hafemann, NT Wright, and J Frederick). At 23 chapters (and just about that many contributors!), this book really gives you a sense of the richness and diversity of the ongoing study of Galatians. I won’t take the time to comment on each essay, but allow me to make a handful of observations.

1. Early Christianity and Early Judaism – there is still much work to do in better understanding “Paul the Pharisee” and his concern with the Jesus-followers, as well as the grounds on which “Paul the Apostle” was critical of Jewish works of the law. This is not just of significance for historical curiosity, but to understand the nature of Christianity itself, its relationship to its parent religion, and what…

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