Bible: a life-long experience of transformation

This old post is worth re-blogging …

Imagine with Scripture

I am teaching Introduction to Biblical Interpretation this semester. Inevitably I need to show the students some complex concepts of literary and historical-cultural analysis. But one thing I keep saying to students is that the best way to learn is to read and re-read the entire Bible. It takes time, but it’s worthwhile. None of the techniques and skills I teach can replace a consistent life-long prayerful engagement with Scripture.

Interestingly Tim Gombis mentions something similar in his blog yesterday. (Click here for his post.)

Gombis lists some popular concepts about reading the Bible (in North America).

We’re told to “get equipped” to get out there and “make an impact,” to be prepared to change the world.  We need to get trained so we can be maximally effective… And what does this involve?   Well, we need to get all the Bible knowledge we can, master the information, know all the…

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