Peter Oakes’ New Galatians Commentary – A Must Have (Gupta)

Peter Oakes is a great scholar, and I look forward to reading his commentary on Galatians.

Crux Sola

Not long ago, Prof. Peter Oakes’ new Galatians commentary (Paideia, Baker) arrived on my desk. I was elated because I had a chance to read Oakes’ manuscript in full last year when I was teaching an exegesis course on Galatians – it is a delight to see the final product.

I am not going to do an extended review, but let me say, as someone who has read every single word of this fine volume, that it is a “must-have.” To be quite honest, sometimes when I read a commentary on Galatians, I wonder if the author knows much about the Greco-Roman world of the first century. No one would wonder that about Oakes – he is a bona fide social historian, at the cutting edge of archaeological and historical research on Christian origins. And, given the aims of the Paideia series, he does not shy away from making theological…

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