David deSilva’s Baylor Handbook on Galatians (Gupta)

Crux Sola

deSilvaI wish to commend to you David deSilva’s new (2014) Baylor Handbook on the Greek Text of Galatians (Baylor). This whole series is excellent and very useful for students and scholars who want a guide to the Greek NT.

deSilva goes above and beyond the call of duty by not simply commenting on grammar and syntax, but also delving into the historical context of Galatians and briefly touching on theological issues. In many ways, then, this is a precursor to his anticipated NICNT commentary on Galatians.

Three aspects of deSilva’s interpretation of Galatians remind me of Peter Oakes’ exegetical work in his new commentary, and these are worth mentioning:

(1) Both Oakes and deSilva recognize the Pistis Christou debate is complicated, but both lean in favor of the objective genitive (see deSilva 43).

(2) When it comes to the translation of pistis, deSilva (like Oakes) does not fall back on…

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