Why Mission? Dean Flemming Responds (Gupta)

Crux Sola

I had a conversation a few years back with a colleague who said that he has stopped using the language of “missional” because it is faddish. As for myself, I am seeing this language everywhere, but I still highly value what it is trying to represent at its best – a holistic vision of how the on-the-move triune God seeks to redeem all his creation and the church exists to carry out the divine redemptive mission.

Dean Flemming has maintained an interest in this subject for several years, in 2013 publishing Recovering the Full Mission of God (IVP). This year Flemming has put out a nice, accessible volume in the “Reframing New Testament Theology” series called Why Mission?  Needless to day Flemming answers the titular question cogently. Below is the book description and back-cover endorsements, including my own. BTW – this is a great book to have undergrads read…

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