God’s faithfulness to teach and guide us


There is a section in the new book, God’s Faithfulness, called “God’s faithfulness to teach and guide us.” In its introduction I found this quote that is quite inspiring.

Of course, there are times when we are puzzled because we do not understand exactly what God is doing. Perhaps circumstances or events seem to put roadblocks in the way we thought God was leading us. Perhaps we are simply not clear as to what God wants us to do, and clear guidance does not seen to come. Perhaps the answers to our fervent prayers are delayed, or different from what we expected and hoped for. It is when we are most uncertain that we most need to hold on to God’s faithfulness, and trust him even when we cannot see . . . [The following] stories will tell us about God’s loving guidance, sometimes at one particular moment, sometimes over a long period, and his gentle teaching and training as we put our trust in him. Walking by faith is a great adventure! (Emphasis added)

Source: Rose Dowsett and Chad Berry, God’s Faithfulness, 230.


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