The Lost Letters of Pergamum by Bruce Longenecker

Are you looking for a good book to read this winter, a book that is different from others and one that helps you understand the Bible? You may want to try Bruce Longenecker’s The Lost Letters of Pergamum (Baker, Grand Rapids, 2003).

There is a review in Sight Magazine on this book. Here are two excerpts of the review.

“The genius of this book is Professor Bruce Longenecker’s ability to narrate a powerful tale through the lens of early church history. At the same time the story of Jesus is retold through the fictional accounts of Antipas and the early Christians in Pergamum. As a result, we modern readers reap the benefit of learning from Longenecker (a prominent Biblical scholar) important elements of New Testament history through a very user-friendly story. We are indebted to Longenecker for teaching us something about Luke’s Gospel, the background of Revelation, and the ancient letter writing style that shaped much of the New Testament.”

The Lost Letters of Pergamum is not so much a light bedtime reading. But neither is it an academic book that demands a heavy intellectual engagement. Rather, it is for Christians, pastors, theological students, and even children (from upper primary onwards), who want to gain insights into the New Testament and the power of the Gospel through a superb storyline that is both intriguing and engaging. I highly recommend this book.”

Click here to read the entire book review.

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